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Nick DeVivo wins NSW State 12 & Under Age Championships

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Ladies Midweek Newsletter 19/9/2018

Recipe book is now available for sale @ $15:00. Orders may be taken by phoning Kathryn 0414 248 246 or by email kathrynkelly024@gmail.com


Gosford Tennis Club would like to invite the mid-week ladies to play in the Interclub Challenge which is being held this coming Sunday 23rd September 2018 from 1pm. It’s the 2nd Interclub Day with Umina winning the last one and they are hoping that Gosford will be the winners this time.
It is a fun afternoon with lots of tennis and a BBQ at the end of the day with the presentation of the trophy to the winning club

Gosford Tennis Club is also holding a Seniors Tournament on 19th, 20th and 21st October 2018 with entries closing on 15th October.
If you wish to participate entries can be obtained from the office or downloaded from the website.



Division 1

Jubilee Jems 11 def Terrigal Treasures 7

Many thanks to Renate for filling in for JJ’s at the last minute. Great day’s tennis. J.J

Great day’s tennis today, thanks Jems for lots of rallies and well played. Treasures would like to wish Denise a happy belated birthday and we hope you had a great day. Treasures
Terrigal Terrors 11 def Savvy B’s 7

Great day, not only we had to compete against the girls, the wind was definitely a challenge – well played all. Savvy’s
Thank you, Savvy B’s for a great day of tennis. Very, very windy today. Terrors

Crepes 11 def Illusion 7

Okay, who invited the wind how rude! Apart from that it was a great day with Crepes, even though every time I went to hit a ball it went south. Thanks girls sorry that Irene was unable to play the last set. Illusion

Thanks for a lovely day Illusion – beautiful slices Jenny – Thank you. Crepes

Tie Breakers 14 def Terrigal Tarts 4

Too windy, too hot and too good today. Tarts

Great day’s tennis lots of rallies and lovely company. T.B


Terrigal Terrors 122, Crepes 106, Illusion 93, Jubilee Jems 91, Savvy B’s 89, Terrigal Treasures 73, Tie Breakers 39, Terrigal Tarts 35

Division 2

Bellbirds 10 def Hard & Low 8

Well played Bellbirds – 2 games in it. Another lovely day at Terrigal. H & L

So close all day. Lovely company. Bellbirds

Sea Change 11 def Chain Reaction 7

So close only 2 games in it. Always the best tennis against Sea Change. CR

Great tennis as always with Chain Reaction. A big thank you to Sue Chapman for playing so well for us today. Lovely slices – so good, passers-by were taking some! S.C

Chat-a-Lot 17 def Travellers 1

We had a lovely day and the score does not reflect how much tennis we had. Thank you for a good day. C.A.L
Hard not to feel the pain for being beaten so convincingly but have to give credit where due. Thanks for being such good company Chats. Always enjoy the interesting conversations and laughs. Travellers.

Terrigal Tigers 10 def The Belles 8

Thanks for great day’s tennis Tigers. Some great rallies today. We won’t mention the “w…” that came up this arvo. The Belles wish to thank Katherine Kelly for filling in for us today and playing so well. Belles

Thanks Belles for a great match. Lots of rallies and lots of strange shots with the wind playing havoc with the ball in the afternoon. Very close with Tigers winning the sets and Belles winning the games. Tigers


Chat-a-Lot 119, Chain Reaction 113, Sea Change 104, Terrigal Tigers 92,
Bellbirds 74, Hard & Low 68, The Belles 54, Travellers 24
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1 week ago

Gosford District Tennis Association

Ladies Midweek NEWSLETTER
12th September 2018

What a perfect day for our Pink Day and AGM which was held in Gosford today. It looked great with pink spread across all the courts. A big thank you to everyone who took part especially those who went above and beyond expectations, Team Terrigal Tarts who wore pink tutus and Sue Larson from Terrigal Treasures. Well done ladies.

The day was a big success raising $450.60 plus a $100 donation from Terrigal Tennis Club. In total we have raised $768.60 which includes Di Currie’s donation of the proceeds from the sale of her knitted scarves and toys. Thank you all for your generosity.

Still on donations Gosford Ladies Mid-Week Committee has donated $500 to The Chanel 9 Telethon Drought Relief Appeal who will distribute to CWA, Rotary and National Farmer’s Association.

We also had a lucky door prize which was won by Irene Wilson from Crepes.

Thank you to all who stayed for our AGM. The new committee is listed as follows with little change.

President: Dale Murphy
Vice President: Connie Spence
Secretary: Kathryn Kelly
Assistant Secretary: Karen Horne
Treasurer: Del Campbell
Competition Secretary: Lyn Hampson
Publicity Officer: Judy Cox
Social Secretary: Ann Shine and Louise Stockings

Divisional Representatives: Margaret Cairns and Leoni Baldwin (Division 1)
Sandra Gowlland and Robyne Searson (Division 2)

Recipe book is now available for sale @ $15:00. Orders may be taken by phoning Kathryn 0414 248 246 or by email kathrynkelly024@gmail.com only 100 books printed and have already sold 38 thus far.

Maureen Keating has announced her retirement from Ladies Mid-week tennis and we wish her well in her endeavours.


Division 1

Crepes 10 def Terrigal Treasures 8

What an awesome day, lots of tennis from Crepes….delirium well and truly set in once the heat got all of us after lunch. Thanks ladies from Treasures
Thanks Treasures for a great day’s tennis. Fantastic rallies all day. The heat was a bit of a shock to the system. Good to see all the pink!

Terrigal Terrors 16 def Illusion 2

Thanks Terrors for the great day/ too good again. We tried our best. Wonderful slice as well. Illusion
Thanks Illusion for an enjoyable day’s tennis. Terrors

Savvy B’s 18 def Terrigal Tarts 0

Great day had by all – the outfits of Tarts won best dressed for Ping day Serenas everywhere. Happy birthday to Dale – big thank you to Margaret Cairns for her dedication of providing the flowers in the ladies toilets each week.
Get well Caroline Pope – sorry to hear that Breast Cancer has got another one of us ladies.

Jubilee Jems 13 def Tie Breakers 5

Many thanks Jenny George for filling in for us today. Our Julie and Kerry are both quite sick. Thanks to all the ladies for a great PINK DAY. J.J
Thanks Jubille Jems for a great day of tennis. So many rallies. T.B


Terrigal Terrors 111, Crepes 95, Illusion 86, Savvy B’s 82, Jubilee Jems 80,
Terrigal Treasures 66, Terrigal Tarts 31, Tie Breakers 25

Division 2

Sea Change 13 def Hard & Low 5

What a lovely day in Gosford. Great idea ladies to have everyone in at Gosford. Always good tennis and fun against Sea Change. Thanks Julie and Louise for all the pink including musk sticks. H & L
And so say all of us!!! A great day’s tennis. A big thank you to Bill for manning the gate this morning. Greatly appreciated. S.C

Chain Reaction 17 def The Belles 1

Gotta love pink day! What a wonderful sight everyone in pink especially the tutus! Thanks Belles for sharing it with us. C.R
Great day’s tennis thanks Chain Reaction. You all played great today. Enjoyed our tennis with you guys. Lovely food too!!! Belles

Chat-a-Lot 14 def Bellbirds 4

Great to play Bellbirds today. Many good lucky shots for both sides. Glad to have some warm weather. Chats
Great tennis today thanks Chats. Lovely to see all the pink. BB

Terrigal Tigers 16 def Travellers 2

Fun day with Travellers. Lovely ladies. Tigers


Chain Reaction 106, Chat-a-Lot 102, Sea Change 93, Terrigal Tigers 82,
Bellbirds 64, Hard & Low 60, The Belles 46, Travellers 23
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Ladies Midweek Newsletter 5/9/18

The weather was not very kind to us this morning with Terrigal being the only courts to play their matches today. All other venues will receive 9 points each due to there being no wet matches for this competition.

Our AGM will be held next Wednesday which will also be our Pink Day, so be sure to wear something pink.
All matches will be played in Gosford.
At least one member from each team is required to attend the meeting which will be held on completion of the day’s play.

Court allocation for next week’s play at Gosford courts

VP 1 - Crepes v Terrigal Treasurers
VP 2 - Terrigal Terrors v Illusion
VP 3 - Terrigal Tarts v Savvy B’s
VP 4 - Jubilee Jems v Tie Breakers
VP 5 - Chain Reaction v The Belles
VP 7 - Chat-a-Lot v Bellbirds
VP 12 - Hard & Low v Sea Change
VP 13 - Terrigal Tigers v Travellers


Reminder for those going to Jersey Boys that tickets must be paid for by the 25th September.



Division 1

Terrigal Treasures 15 def Terrigal Tarts 3

Very impressed with the weather today as it looked like it was going to pour all morning but it ended up nice and sunny…so what an enjoyable day with Tarts, even though the score doesn’t reflect there was lots of tennis just the same…thanks ladies. Treasures
Great day. Poor Carolyn got a free colonoscopy and lost her virginity as well. Thank you: lovely ladies lots of laughs. Tarts

Terrigal Terrors 18 def Tie Breakers 0

Enjoyable day’s tennis and great company with the Tie Breaker girls. Terrors

Well we had “cheap tennis lessons” from T.T girls, but enjoyable none the less. T.B

Crepes 16 def Savvy B’s 2

Crepes were too good today. Connie was using her noggin scoring a ‘falcon’. Thanks for the tennis and ‘sunshine’ Crepes. Savvy’s

Thanks Savvy’s for a great day’s tennis. Lucky to play today weather wise. Lots of rallies as usual. Crepes


Terrigal Terrors 95, Crepes 85, Illusion 84, Jubilee Jems 67, Savvy B’s 64
Terrigal Treasures 58, Terrigal Tarts 31, Tie Breakers 20

Division 2

Sea Change 12 def Terrigal Tigers 6

Pleasure to play Sea Change. Very enjoyable tennis and lovely ladies. Tigers

Great to play Tigers again. Lots of great rallies and laughs. Ann’s Pumpkin Cake very yummy!!! Sea Change.


Chain Reaction 89, Chat-a-Lot 88, Sea Change 80, Terrigal Tigers 66, Bellbirds 60, Hard & Low 55, The Belles 45, Travellers 21
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4 weeks ago

Gosford District Tennis Association

This week was the Sydney North (Central Coast) Regional final for the Todd Woodbridge Cup. Despite the extremely cold weather, the kids had a great day of tennis, with Terrigal Public School victorious, making it through to our State Final.
Thanks to all of our participants from Brooke Avenue, Terrigal, Umina, and Wyoming Public Schools, their teachers and parents.
The students should all be congratulated for demonstrating excellent sportsmanship during the event. Thanks also to Bonnie from Gosford Tennis Club and Ruth Freer, Gosford ANZ branch manager for coming and presenting our awards.
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