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23rd May 2018

GUEST SPEAKER: Sheryl Pearce gave a very interesting talk at our meeting on Monday about a charity she is involved with “Days for Girls”. Without going into too much detail it is worth going on the website Days for Girls to read what this charity does for women and girls in underprivileged countries around the world.
We as the committee unanimously agreed to support this worthwhile charity and have made a donation on behalf of the Ladies Midweek Tennis.

If any of you out there would like to help this charity either by donation of material or time Sheryl’s chapter of this charity meets each week at 9.30am Thursday – Coast Community Centre, Empire Bay Drive, Bensville or contact Sheryl on 0410 649 469

MEMBERSHIP: GDTA have set membership fees for twelve months from 1st July 2018. With membership to be paid on 13th June along with team registration.
Adults: $40
Seniors: $20

CONGRATULATIONS: Del Campbell was presented with a Tennis NSW Certificate of Appreciation for all for the volunteer work that she has done.

JERSEY BOYS: Marg Cairns has tickets for Jersey Boys on Thursday 13th December 2018, at a cost of $90. Money must be in by 25th September 2018. If you are interested in going contact Marg on 4341 6576 or 0412 179 149.

RECIPES: We are compiling a new cook book so if you have any favourite recipes could you please email them to our Secretary Kathryn Kelly kathrynkelly024@gmail.com if you don’t have email you may give it to any committee member.

APOLOGY: I must apologise to travellers for putting the incorrect score in last weeks newsletter. I don’t know where on earth I got that score from.

REPLACEMENT: Terrigal Tarts have replaced Brenda Hamments with Heather Needham.

REMINDER: As next week will be the last of the round the following week there will be eight teams playing their wet match. All of those who played and completed their matches on that day are not eligible to fill in for teams that will be playing.


As I didn’t receive Savvy B’s and Illusions card before the newsletter went out I was unable print their comments which were:

A big thank you to Illusion and my team members for being patient after my car troubles. We had a great match. Jenny Savvy B’s

Thank you Sharryn McWilliam for filling in for us and playing so well. We thought Jenny’s car troubles may have shortened our tennis day but we all had a great day’s tennis. Illusion

Division 1:

Illusion 16 def Tie Breakers 2

Tie Breakers thank Sue Larson for filling in and playing so well. Illusion just too good today. TB

What a fantastic fun day we had with Tie Breakers the rallies will have us all sleeping well tonight. Thanks girls so enjoyed it and the yummy slices. Illusion

Sadly, comments didn’t come through last week so I would like to thank Sharryn McWilliam for filling in for us and playing her usual brilliant game sorry the day turned out the way it did. I would also like to congratulate my girls for the wonderful Sportsmanship they showed last week. Jenny Illusion

Savvy B’s 11 def Terrigal Terrors 7

Thank you Savvy B’s for a great day of tennis. Lots of rallies. Terrors

Sooo much tennis today! Thanks Terrors for a great day. Savvy B’s

Terrigal Tossa’s 17 def Chat-a-Lot 1

Great day, lots of tennis thanks Chats. Tossa’s

Beautiful day at Terrigal – lovely girls, super tennis….Thank you. Chats

Crepes 13 def Jubilee Jems 5

What a great day, lots of long rallies, beautiful slices and good company. Thanks Crepes. Jubilee Jems

Lots and lots of rallies. Thanks Jubilee Jems for a great day’s tennis, and lots of laughs. Crepes


Crepes 153 ½ *, Terrigal Terrors 142*, Terrigal Tossa’s 137*, Illusion 131*,
Savvy B’s 129 ½ , Jubilee Jems 106, Tie Breakers 59, Chat-a-Lot 42

*Match to be played

Division 2:

Chain Reaction 11 def Sea Change 7

What a perfect day for tennis and the best tennis we could hope for. Thanks Sea Change it was so much fun and so exhausting. C.R

Ditto Ditto – great day, tennis, weather, food and friends! Thanks C.R. Sea Change

Terrigal Tarts 12 def Hard & Low 6

Tarts welcome Heather Needham to our team to replace Canadian Princess who has returned home until next October, what a beautiful day at down-town Woy Woy.
Enjoyable day’s tennis and lovely sweets – Thank you Hard & Low. Tarts

What a magnificent day for tennis again. Great to see Heather back on the court, her scoring was rusty – not like her tennis. H & L

Terrigal Tigers 17 def Travellers 1

Another lovely day at Terrigal. Well played Terrigal Tigers. Travellers

Thanks Travellers for a great day. Good company and lovely slice. Tigers would like to thank Kathryn Kelly for filling in today. Tigers

The Belles 15 def Bellbirds 3

We had a lovely day of tennis today with the equally lovely Bellbirds. Great tennis. Belles

Thanks Belles for a lovely day of tennis – you just pipped us! (in nearly every game). Bellbirds


Chain Reaction 167 ½ , Terrigal Tarts 156*, Sea Change 127*, Hard & Low 111,
Bellbirds 104*, The Belles 101, Terrigal Tigers 88 ½ , Travellers 45*

*Match to be played
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Ladies Midweek NEWSLETTER
16th May 2018

Not a very pleasant day for tennis today, a bit of a mixture of sun, cloud, rain and cold.


Division 1:

Jubilee Jems 14 def Chat-a-Lot 4

Thank you Jems for a great day, lots of tennis. Chats

Fun day’s tennis with Chats – weird day – one minute sunny, one minute whatever. Yummy caramel tarts thanks girls. Jems

Terrigal Terrors 18 def Tie Breakers 0

Terrigal Terrors thank Kathy Holland for filling in. Thanks Tie Breakers for a good day’s tennis.

OMG what do I say. What a great tennis lesson. Just way too good today. Thank you Kathryn for filling in and playing for us. TB

Terrigal Tossa’s 9 draw Crepes 9

What a lot of tennis today, Crepes sure do make you work hard for any points…when you think you’ve hit a winning shot and realise that it has been run down and hit back as an even better winner, well played ladies from Tossa’s

Thank you Tossa’s what a great day and such fabulous company. We all know we have plenty of running and rallies with these great ladies.

Savvy B’s 11 def Illusion 7

Crepes 140 ½ *, Terrigal Terrors 135*, Terrigal Tossa’s 120*, Savvy B’s 118 ½ ,
Illusion 115*, Jubilee Jems 101, Tie Breakers 57, Chat-a-Lot 41

*Match to be played

Division 2:

Chain Reaction 16 def Hard & Low 2

Score doesn’t indicate how tough the tennis was today but our tired bodies do! Thanks H&L for good fun and quality tennis CR

Great hit with great ladies today. We tried hard but you were too good on the day. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. Food was delicious. H & L

The Belles 12 def Travellers 6

Great day of long rallies. Good fun day. Thanks Travellers. Belles

We always have a great day playing The Belles and today was no exception! Our team played well but not well enough to win. Travellers

Terrigal Tarts 14 def Sea Change 4

The rain threatened but we got the match payed. Thanks Tarts for a great day of tennis. S.C

Thanks S.C for a very enjoyable day’s tennis and company. Tarts

Bellbirds 14 def Terrigal Tigers 4

Great tennis and lots of laughs. Thanks Bellbirds. Also, a big thank you to Julia Thompson for filling in at such short notice and playing so well. Tigers

Thanks T.T for a good day of tennis, all had fun. Bellbirds


Chain Reaction 156 ½ , Terrigal Tarts 144*, Sea Change 120*, Hard & Low 105, Bellbirds 101*, The Belles 86, Terrigal Tigers 71 ½ , Travellers 32*

*Match to be played
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LMW NEWSLETTER - 9th May 2018

Congratulation to the winners of our Mother’s Day Raffle which was drawn today.

1st Prize: Cheryl Catchpool (Hard & Low) – Getaway at the Hunter Valley
2nd Prize: Bonny Allison (Savvy B’s) – Breakfast for 2 at Crown Plaza Terrigal
3rd Prize: Kaylene Ison (ticket sold by Chat-a-Lot) – 2 Tickets to Cinema Paradiso Ettalong

Thank you to Lyn Hampson who went around to all the courts to collect the tickets that hadn’t already been collected.


Division 1:

Illusion 10 def Terrigal Terrors 8

Terrigal Terrors would like to thank Kathryn Kelly for filling in today. Lots of tennis and Illusion played too good. Terrors

So much tennis today against Terrors, we really enjoyed it. So sad to be the only team at Gosford it looks so deserted with just us. What happened to bringing everyone into Gosford for 1 week each Comp. isn’t this the complex where we all started from now it is the forgotten area. Apart from that thanks Terrors great day. Illusion

Terrigal Tossa’s 13 def Jubilee Jems 5

Thanks Tossa’s for a great day’s tennis. Lots of laughs. Jo visited the motor mechanic “with a Cake” on the way and played great!!! Happy Mother’s Day to everyone. Jems

A great sunny day of tennis, full of laughs, rallies and a few cheeky chardy’s
Thanks Jems for your wonderful hospitality. Tossa’s

Crepes 17 def Chat-a-Lot 1

Thank you Chat-a-Lot for a lovely days tennis and great company. Crepes

Great tennis today Crepes, just too good. Lots of rallies, score says nothing. Chats

Savvy B’s 14 def Tie Breakers 4

Wow! So many rallies. Sure is hard work to get a point. We will all sleep well tonight. Thanks Savvy B’s for a great day. TB

All we can say is Wow! Wow! Wow! Lots of tennis today. Great ladies, great food. thanks girls and a Happy Birthday to Janet. Savvy’s


Crepes 131 ½ *, Terrigal Terrors 117*, Terrigal Tossas 111*, Illusion 108*, Savvy B’s 107 ½ , Jubilee Jems 87, Tie Breakers 57, Chat-a-Lot 37

*Match to be played

Division 2:

Hard & Low 9 draw Sea Change 9

Well played girls, lovely day for tennis. SC

Fitting result, great tennis. Thanks H & L
Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely Mums

Terrigal Tigers 13 def The Belles 5

Thanks Belles for an excellent day’s tennis. Lots and lots of rallies and deuces. Last finished today. Best wishes to Jenny O’Dea and hope she is feeling much better. Tigers

Beautiful day for tennis. Thanks for a great day Tigers. Happy Birthday Maureen for last Friday. Belles

Chain Reaction 15 def Terrigal Tarts 3

Thanks Tarts for an excellent days tennis. A pleasure to play you and share a beautiful day in the sun. C.R

Most enjoyable days tennis with our old nemesis CR – well played to all. Tarts

Bellbirds 16 def Travellers 2

Good laughs, lovely day for tennis. Bellbirds

Great day for tennis, good company, lots of laughs and the stories were excellent too. Travellers


Chain Reaction 140 ½ , Terrigal Tarts 130*, Sea Change 116*, Hard & Low 103, Bellbirds 87*, The Belles 74, Terrigal Tigers 67 ½ , Travellers 38*

*Match to be played
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Ladies Midweek NEWSLETTER
2nd May 2018

MOTHERS DAY RAFFLE: Lyn will be doing the rounds of the courts next Wednesday for the collection of the remainder of raffle tickets. For those who still have their tickets could you please remember to bring them in next week as the raffle will be drawn next Wednesday 9th May in the afternoon.

THANK YOU: To Marg Cairns for organising tickets to see Mama Mia at the Capitol Theatre last Wednesday I think everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed it.


Division 1

Crepes 13 def Terrigal Terrors 5

Thanks for a nice day Terrors – so great to see Irene Wilson back on the court. Fabulous tennis all day, so many rallies. Crepes

Thank you Crepes for a great day of tennis. The slices were delightful. Terrors

Terrigal Tossa’s 16 def Tie Breakers 2

Fantastic day with Tie Breakers…lots and lots of rallies, everyone playing beautifully. Tossa’s

Thanks Tossa’s for a great day. Just too good today for us. T.B

Savvy B’s 10 def Jubilee Jems 8

So many rallies, such close tennis, it should be a draw!! Well done Savvy B’s, perseverance got it for you in the end!! J.J
Fabulous tennis except for lawn mower. S.B

Illusion 18 def Chat-a-Lot 0

Illusion just too good today. Another tennis lesson. Chats

Thanks Chats for a great days tennis. Lots of hitting. Yummy cakes. Thanks so much for playing Jodi who filled in for us and played well. Illusion


Crepes 114 ½*, Terrigal Terrors 109*, Terrigal Tossa’s 98*, Illusion 98*, Savvy B’s 93 ½, Jubilee Jems 82, Tie Breakers 53, Chat-a-Lot 36

*Denotes match to be played

Division 2

Terrigal Tarts 12 Def Bellbirds 6

Lovely day with Tarts, good rallies, thanks to Pam for lovely cake. Bellbirds

Enjoyable days tennis with lovely ladies. Tarts

Sea Change 15 def Terrigal Tigers 3

Great day for tennis today, well done to everyone that played! Thanks Tigers for a great match. Score no indication of the tennis today. Sea Change

Thanks Sea Change for a great day of tennis, lots of running and stretching. Should sleep well tonight. Tigers

Chain Reaction 18 def Travellers 0

Thanks Travellers for a very friendly day played in great spirit. You are a pleasure to share our tennis day with. C.R

Hard & Low 15 def The Belles 3

Had the most enjoyable day today against Belles. Jackie got confused with which sport we were playing and “hit a birdie” – is that par for the course? H & L

Thanks for a great days tennis Hard & Low, too good for us today, thanks to Lucy Price for playing so well for us. Happy BIG birthday to Karen Teunis this week. Belles


Terrigal Tarts 127*, Chain Reaction 125 ½, Sea Change 107*, Hard & Low 94, Bellbirds 71*, The Belles 69, Terrigal Tigers 54 ½, Travellers 36*

*Denotes match to be played
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